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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning for a Healthier Environment

CleanPro Canada Inc. focuses on using environmentally friendly cleaning products which are totally biodegradable with no known environmental impact. We have a paper recycling program for most of our buildings. CleanPro Canada Inc. uses micro-fiber cloths for floor sweeping and dusting, allowing the company to control dust issues for a cleaner, safer environment.


Who Should use Green Cleaning?

  • Any facility that wants a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.
  • Any facility where occupants are sensitive to allergens.
  • Any facility seeking LEED-NC or LEED-EB certification.
  • Any new construction clean-up.

CleanPro Canada Inc. is dedicated to the Green Cleaning approach and its implementation on a daily basis. Through intensive training, our staff and crews are educated with environmentally preferred products, cutting edge equipment and procedures that all meet the industry standards. If it’s your wish our company will only use environmentally safe products which will ensure the safety of your customers.


For reliable, trustworthy service offering complete piece of mind, give CleanPro Canada Inc. a call at (902) 468-2234 today.

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CleanPro Canada Inc. is trusted by business and industry leaders for commercial cleaning, janitorial services and customer satisfaction. Our superior quality control cleaning system ensures accountability on our side so that you receive unmatched service, support and results.

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