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CleanPro Canada Inc. – Manufacturing

Services include hard floor and carpet surface care, maintenance of stairways and rest room sanitation, cleanliness and biohazard removal. We can also maintain the conference, break rooms and training rooms, front entrances and reception areas, as well as any office space within the warehouse.

Industrial sites we can service:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Computer rooms
  • Light industrial plants
  • Military/DND facilities
  • Distribution Centers

For reliable, trustworthy service offering complete piece of mind, give CleanPro Canada Inc. a call at (902) 468-2234 today.

CleanPro Canada Inc. Services

CleanPro Canada Inc. is trusted by business and industry leaders for commercial cleaning, janitorial services and customer satisfaction. Our superior quality control cleaning system ensures accountability on our side so that you receive unmatched service, support and results.

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