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CleanPro Canada Inc. – Government Buildings

Our public and government buildings are pillars of the community and represent distinct environments that require special cleaning services. Cleaning operations within these types of buildings must be carried out according to sector-specific standards. That is why CleanPro Canada Inc.’s staff has undergone specialized training in government building maintenance standards.

We have made significant investments in the training, development and recruitment of our employees.

Whether a town hall, a courthouse, a museum, a community service centre or a convention centre, CleanPro Canada Inc. holds the necessary certifications and has developed the skills needed to provide maintenance services that will maintain the prestige and the attributes of such institutions.


Overseeing the successful performance of our employees

We have made significant investments in the training, development and recruitment of our employees as we are aware of the technical aspects and peculiarities associated with this type of project. We also use network managers who are responsible for overseeing the successful performance of our employees. We also have insurance policies covering all aspects of our cleaning operations. To help the building managers to avoid charges to their customers, we have implemented a contract operational monitoring program to ensure competitive pricing.

The fact that we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods is also a great benefit to government institutions. Indeed, such buildings must receive a huge daily volume of pedestrian traffic. Consequently, it is important to use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products to ensure the health and safety of citizens and of government employees. CleanPro Canada Inc. only uses products that meet Ecology standards, an official ecological certification established by the Canadian Government, which means that the products we use are biodegradable, safe, phosphate-free, non-carcinogenic and available in recycled and recyclable packaging.


When you use the services of CleanPro Canada Inc., you enjoy the following benefits:

  • A clean, sanitized and safe work environment
  • Specialized support for all tasks related to the public building’s maintenance
  • A 24-hours service
  • A carpet cleaning service
  • A floor cleaning and polishing service
  • Window cleaning
  • Offices and cubicles cleaning service
  • Bathrooms cleaning and sanitation service
  • Trash collection service
  • Recycling service
  • Service areas cleaning

Trust CleanPro Canada Inc. for your government building maintenance needs. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate at (902) 468-2234. One of our consultants will be happy to come by your office to assess your needs.

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CleanPro Canada Inc. is trusted by business and industry leaders for commercial cleaning, janitorial services and customer satisfaction. Our superior quality control cleaning system ensures accountability on our side so that you receive unmatched service, support and results.

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